Why Choose PBO?

We Are a Leader in Outsourced Accounting​

  • We have been a leader in providing outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services since we opened operations in 2012. ​
  • We have worked with over 175 clients during that time.​
  • We are industry agnostic as we have serviced over 20 industries.​
  • We have the capability to work on site and remote.​
  • Vast knowledge of accounting platforms and ERP systems.​

 ​Our Approach Is Efficient, Effective and Flexible                             ​

  • Our approach to outsourcing is to offer what the client needs and not sell them services they don’t want. ​
  • We have the ability to scale up or down based on the client’s needs​
  • Our model is cost effective to our clients as we offer staff from the data entry level up through the CFO. ​

We Have an Experienced Team & Bandwidth at All Levels​

  • Based on your need we match a team or professionals that can bring extensive years of combined accounting and business experience. ​
  • We have an in-house dedicated recruiter to draw on local resources that also have the experience necessary to ensure your success. ​
  • We always have available bandwidth at all levels so we can service new clients and help our clients with their growth.   ​
  • Our Team is Your Team​

 ​We Firmly Believe in Quality Control​

  • We have a formal quality control program that ensures the highest level of quality on our engagements.​
  • Our extensive onboarding of new employees includes: background check; formal and informal reference checks; and taking a skills assessment.  ​
  • We provide monthly training for all employees so that they are up to date on all new accounting pronouncements and learn new accounting skills.
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